Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Mini Series in The Life of a Pious Socialite(!!!)- Part Three

Well, hello my faithful readers... I know that a fair amount of you out there are avidly reading my blog on my past adventures of the three days.... hm... now where did i leave off the last tim ethat we met...yes...i got it now... we were at the part where Barry** was telling me how beautiful I was and how in much in love with me he was. PUHLEASE! Oh, and just in the case that you forgot the characters in this miniseries, they are:

  • ME: I am the one telling this story...there is strictly no need to tell you my name here...

  • BARRY**: He is the funnyman in this story, Male, Straight, average heighted...

  • OMAIRA**: Small, petite, cute!!!, female, straight...

  • AMELIA**: Sexy, smart, HOT, WOW!!, average heighted, female, straight

And finally...

  • ANDREW**: tall, wiry, geeky, thin, male, sexual orientation...err...

Well those are the characters that are going to be here until the end of the story.... So we entered the cable car at the skyway and rode in the, i dont know..., 1,000,000,000 feet away from the sky!!!! and boy was it scary... now this is the part that i have to confess to you readers. I am scared of **********. What? i just said it. What, you want me to SAY it again?!? Are you MAD!!! Fine ok, i will say it again. I am scared of...**********. Huh? i am sorry it seems that the censor button is on... wait...lemme turn it off... there that's better... I am scared of HEIGHTS!! I get Vertigo whenever I am on a VERY HIGH place.

Now anyway, we were in the skyway and I was in between mentally writing my will (just in case the Cable Car crashed and we all died in the process...) and Barry** was annoyingly pestering me with useless details of how the cable car would crash and also of how the we will all die...yeesshhh!!!

Then after the lllllllllloooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg Cable car ride we got off at the First World Hotel (FWH) and then we just went around asking people for directions towards the exit to the outdoor theme park. then we finally found it and then we reached the park and were all like "Whoah!! I wanna go on this...NO! Lets go on that one!... No, that one looks interesting lets ride that one!" yeah. just let us enjoy our kiddie time, please! And so the first ride that we decided to go to was originally the "Flying Coaster" but then the queue was too long and so smelly.. and boy was it progressing soo damn slowly!!!
So we went to the train ride which was where i wanted to ride but Barry** wouldnt let me and so i was stuck with sitting next to him..yeah... as we were moving along i heard a terrified scream behind me and i thought that it was Omaira** and Andrew ** lovin it up in the car behind us but turns out it was Andrew** who was trying to murder Omaira by trying to p[ush her out of the car.....yeeaaahhhh...


Then we went to the other rides which was really cool except for the constant proddings that i was getting from the annoying kids who were hoping to get away from their embarrasing parents. Oh and there was this one time when i was eating fries and Barry** cruelly removed the tissue upon which my fries were laid and my fries were dirty!!1 Then (according to Omaira**) Andrew seemed to want my fries and when they were dirty he did a double take adn hugrily looked towards his girlfriends fries with the utmost and pitiful look of hunger...

Our journey ended with a bitter taste (at least for me it did...) Anyway it started at the cab... when i say it... i mean my Period.... yea, boys girls have periods be amazed by it...yeah....(this applies to perverts like J**k F****n who perve on my pages for anything to do with the female reproductive system...) and it was sooo painful and for me it was the very first time that it was thgis painful!!! I actually CRIED!!! What SHAME!!!! And then Barry** (for the first time) showed fellings that actually proved he was a complete human ... he actually cared extra extra a lot!!!!

YeahI was alrite after that and then we returned home and saw that if we returned to Nilai, then we will be SUMMONED so we decided to go to PJ campus where the curfew is until we just hung out at the LRT station and Joked a LOT!!! [Courtesy of Barry**] And then we went and stayed with our good friend Sally** and her roomie Rhinda** and there was where we met our BH [Buah Hati] One and she is one damn cute thing!!!

NAyway, that was the miniseries of my travels....enjoyed it? want more? well you will get more...when i travel again...
so...see ya soon....

U know u love me....

Friday, May 23, 2008

My books of the the Week

Hello. Just in case you are thinking..."what the F*** is up with these books?" i'll let you know that i am a very avid reader and that i LOOVVEEE to read book... some of you nerds out there are probably wondering ..."why the f*** would anyone wanna red books?"... well, readers of my blog... WE READ BOOKS TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE>>>LIKE DUUHHHH! And frankly these are some of the books that i read recently (or am just starting to read). And in my opinion i think that you should grab these books as well. trut me they are good reads....

I am Not in the Mood for Love- by Rachel Gibson.

What are you looking at?- by Donna Jarrell and Ira Sukrungruang

The Take- By Martina Cole...

Books are meant to be read and each book- regardless of whether it is a fairytale or poems or wtv- they reaveal infromations to us...

see ya soon.

The Mini Series in The Life of a Pious Socialite(!!!)- Part Two

Hello, again... well i did tell you that I would in fact be back. And this time its with more interesting juice on my travel to genting . as mentioned before, i did not go there i went with my mates-Barry**, Omaira**, Amelia** and Andrew**- and Boy! did we have sooo much fun!!!

Where i left off was the part where we were on the way tehre aiite? ok then .....after we got our bus and Skyway tix (this is the cable car ride...) we boarded the bus and we travelled more than a few miles (i think, i mean u cant really tell cos, there were a LOT of winding paths that we had to go through...) and also according to someone (that would be our roommate Jenna**) said that it would only take VERY few minutes to get there seeing as she always goes there.

In The BUS.
I sat with Omaira**, Amelia** sat with Andrew(!!!), and Barry** sat with some unknown stranger who spent most of the trip...oh, i dont know...DIGGING HIS NOSE!!! when the bus started to leave O and i took photos with our camera phones which was awesome as we had virtually NOTHING to do there....A and A , who were sitting behind us, were in a heated discussion about something (in their Russian dialogue), and B was just listening to music and staring into space and beyond... We decided to take a few pictures just for fun when (as if he had strangely mystical voodoo powers) he turned and so we couldnt snap any...awwww.... Bummer.
O and I basically just talked along the way in between Andrew's** pissing off O by kicking her chair (that was a laugh)!

Out of the BUS and at GENTING
We exited the bus and while other bus passengers were rushing along to God-knows-where and we were just standing there like atrocious morons looking for the next place to head off to... that was all albeit Amelia** complaining about a headache that she was having at that time. We( O and I) accompanied her to a stall that was designed to look like a Double Decker chips bus (You know the one with the stupid red Double decker with the Spongebob-ish smile?Yeah its that one). A bought a bottle of water and some panadol (before that she saw that they sold like ten pills in one packet and so she asked the woman behind the counter a.k.a the Receptionist whether she had packets of two pills; the woman looked at her like as if she just announced that she was sleeping with the First World Hotel Manager and flatly said "No."). Then we exited and entered the Skyway building.

For a few minutes we asked around for where the Skyway was and some people actually gave us direction which, not to be mean but... DIDNT HELP US AT ALL!!! When we finally (Thank God!) found it we literally ran to the spot- only to find that there were, oh i am not really sure...approximately millions of PEOPLE waiting to get in. We all sighed in frustration, but we waited in the queue. The line started to actually move [insert gospel here] and we were picking up speed. When we were actually progressing through the queue, Barry** suddenly leaves the queue and goes to a display window of some shop and observes it...or is it something in
and guess what it turns out to be?

PLAYER ONE: Um... A pair of shoes? [an avid shopaholic]
PLAYER TWO: baseball cards [avid baseball fan]
PLAYER THREE: um.. i dont know [an avid moron]

Strike Three... and you're all...OUT!!!! Haha.. the thing that they(now O and Am joined him) were observing with mounting interest was a- SKUNK!!! Yeeaaahhhh..... so we finally made it through the line and climbed the escalator up and as if it wasnt enough that we had to wait with, like a million other people before- there was a VERL LOOOOONNNNGGGGGGG queue there and we were forced to tolerate body odour, stinking breaths and loud voices. All throughout the queue-lining, Barry** kept taking meaningless photos of me and my face and he kept insisting that i am (in his very words) "very beautiful" and " I like you very much" and also, as if that wasnt enough "i love you". i mean, PUH-LEASE! Get a life Barry**...

And so then......

...well, then we.....


I just can tell you anymore...why? Because this is a miniseries and to know more you really have to wait for the rest in Episode Three of my travels.

U know u love me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Mini Series in The Life of a Pious Socialite (!!!)

Hello. Today is the beginning of the miniseries of the strange instances that happen in my everyday life.....ok. I will start with the time that i went to Genting Highlands with my friends- Omaira**, Amelia**, Andrew** and Barry** (names have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved in this story.) So this was how our time line went.


Omaira** and I woke up and to our surprise it was 7:30 am!!! We were supposed to wake up oh...i don't know...30 MINUTES EARLIER!!!But sleep overcame us and we (duh) overslept. And you would have thought that us oversleeping would cause us to HURRY Up and be quick...but no... we were Selamber -ly taking our very sweet time to shower and get prepared and to prim ourselves as if we were attending the Presidents' Birthday Party. Then when we saw the time we quickly rushed and went downstairs to look for a cab.


We are standing on te pavement like desperate people waiting and madly waving at the first cabs that pass the vicinity. Gosh! And every cab that passes us ignores the fact that we are practically embarrassing ourselves by waving like lunatics just so that we can get a ride to GENTING WITH THEIR CAB!!! ALL TAXI DRIVERS SHALL DIE!!!


We finally got a cab and we listened to the taxi man as he tells us about some random phone voodoo spells that caused people (more than 70 i think) to die. yeah. Although it has BEEN written in the newspaper i find it very hard to believe at all...


We have already bought our train tickets and sat in the train...god was that sooo boring... but thank goodness it wasn't strewn with yucky smelling, butt clenching, body pressing people who probably never bathed that morning. EYUCKITY, YUCK, YUCK!! Amelia** sms'd asking us where we were and when we would arrive here. we replied her to hang on and that we would be there in a few minutes...(actually it was a lot of minutes but dang it!). Everything was serene and calm and Omaira and i were having cool convos when Omaira's overprotective (albeit possessive) boyfriend called. he frantically asked where we were and when we would arrive. Crap. after a few seconds he called again and Whoopee- deee-doo! he asked again and again when we would be there (the way he asked would make you think that he was being chased by the bailiffs and also by an Orang Minyak (oily man)and his only hope of being free is if we were there Pronto!).


We arrive at the KL Sentral LRT and we meet Amelia** there and all three of us headed to the last station on the LRT map....


We finally arrive at the station and as we were expecting to see five guys there (or so we were told) there were just two miserable guys there- Omaira,s** boyfriend Andrew and funny man Barry**. It seemed to be that the other guys who were supposed to be with us- Timothy**, Max** and an unknown Russian guy- couldn't come. Shit! And i was thinking this was my only chance to be have some time with Max**.Dang!

That was how our time line went. From there we took a bus all the way towards the high mountains of Genting Highlands... and then we....

....oh Gosh we.....

...ok we....

...........................wanna know more?

I did tell you that this is a miniseries right? So if you do wanna know more on this all you have to do is wait for me to write the next chapter in my three day travels.. know u love me...

Friday, May 16, 2008


We are now in the era of which there is no such thing as ARRANGED MARRIAGES... in other words marriages in which we are forced to marry an ugly albeit stupid guy (God help you if you are stuck with idiots like R** who probably doesn't know the first step in "Child Making") and be froced to actually have a child with him and to bear the view of his face for a million years.

It is now the 21st century in which love comes on its own and is not forced at you. I mean, dont we feel sorry for our parents because they they had to suffer that same fate in that Forced- marriages-to-idiots-like-R** era? i do (not that i'm saying that my dad is stupid- NO!!! in fact he is one of the best dads ever!). And My father is the exception to that.

Well, the question that i want to ask is...WHAT IS LOVE? L.O.V.E, LOVE? Is it pleasure? is it the feeling of capturing your "bounty"? is is the feeling of staisfaction? is it the feeling of content or disbelief that you have finally found THE ONE?...

Here's my definition of love:

"...The person you: date, have affections for, are happy to see no matter how many times a day,think about every night and day, are nervous of when HE is around, and lastly love is Him..."

Call me a fickled face liar, but i know that from experience and it is true.

Sometimes we ask ourselves...does love come easy like those romantic Spanish/German/Haitian movies on TV?

Well Sorry BUDDY!!! Love dont come that Easy...why? Because life isn't like whats on tv, life is completely different from all those bullshit stereotypes. I mean Gosh, are you really gonna Expect a six foot tall guy to approach you and to suddenly fall in love with you (lets just hope that guy is not R**) and then sweep you off your feet with his words of:

"Mi Amor [insert name here], yo te amo con todo mi alma(oh my love, i love you with all my heart)" or

"Saya cintakan kamu [insert name here]. Saya tak boleh hidup tanpa kamu. Kahwin Dengan Saya...(I love you --------. i cant live without you. Marry me)"

YEEEAAAHHHHHHH..... as if!!!!!

Now i am at the end of my sanctimonious words of wisdom and lesson on love and who to avoid falling in love with (Ahem!**)

**QUOTE: "You dont know the Power of the Dark Side"**

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Night I Saw ET

Argghh!!! This is soooo frustrating!!! A few weeks ago I was out to dinner with my two buddies Amelia** and Omaira** and we felt like trying out something new... so we headed to this restaurant called Belanga and we ordered a special Malaysian drink called Teh Ais. It is a special tea that is combined with the sweet essence of condensed milk and (sometimes but rarely) sugar- and it is da bomb!!! And so we decided to like check out this place and we went in and ordered teh ais.

I caught sight of one of my friends (I'm trying to keep things anonymous here so lets just hide the names , ok?)- lets call her Emily** - three table away and i waved at her. She was sitting with a bunch of typical Malay guys with Long hair and Scruffy shoes, moustache, beard, and hair that was messy. EUGH!!! We sat and a few minutes after we talked (it was the usual, "Whats up ?" "Fine, nothing much.") Emily** hops towards our table and asks,

"Er, [insert my name here], um.. they want you to join them."

"Who?" Amelia asks.

"Ah?" Emily frowns not quite hearing Amelia.

"Who is asking us to join them?" [insert my name here] asked. She blinks at me then seems to stir and points at the table where she was sitting at, to where the guys were howling in laughter. We look at each other and Amelia and i agree but Omaira looks reluctant to go. We convince her that it will be alrite and that i might even be fun.

So we make our way to their table and we sat down. There was a silence before they interrogated us (me and Amelia**) with questions like, "What's your name?" & "Where do you come from?" & "How old are you ?" and all that normal crap that teenagers ask about. Omaira** left and It was just me, Emily** and Amelia** (the girls) and the two guys (Sandler** and Ami**). At teh end of the whole thing, i found out the unthinkable......

The Emo guy... who goes by the name of Sandler** has a crush on MEEE!!!!

What a Catastrophe!!!!

THIS IS A FIASCO!!! How the hell did it happen?!?!?! I mean its not like i made a move on him or whatever! ARRRHHHGGGGHHH!!!! How did i find out that he has a crush on me? I can understand the M**** Language and so i knew what was being said which was like tootally awesome!!! HEHE!!

Then a few days after that i asked to Emily about it and she sooo confidently told me that he liked me and would LLOOOVVEEE to go out on a date with me. Then, snapped up like Jack the Rippers murders, he did as me out- the next day. I was buying A Max load of units for my phone and he suddenly asked me to dinner with him and i lied tat i had a test the next day and that i couldn't go....

He looked disappointed and all but i cant just say YES can i?

I used to like Emo guys.... But now i am a bit skeptical about them

How to know when a guy likes you? (and that he has a hopeless crush on you)

Here are some things to look for to know when a guy likes you:

1. Keep an eye on how many times you catch him staring at you.
  • Although it might sound weird but when a guy has a crush on you... he will stare his eyes out at you... it might sound reeeaaallyyy CREEPY but... its the truth and the more they stare at you the more they like you...
2. Take notice of whether he smiles at you a lot.
  • If he does smile at you then its a sure sign that he REALLY has a CRUSH on you. Call me Ficky but... i mean come on... ok... have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched and that you are being smiled at.... and perved on... yeeaaahhhh.... now you get it...
3. Look for whether he focuses on you in a crowd.
  • Ok, here's the worst part... keep a lookout on whether he is staring lovingly at you in a crowd full of people...ewww.... ok.... i mean GOSH! as if its not CREEPY enough that he stares at you 24/7 ... yeah like when you are in a crowd, you are the only one who is the spotlight of his attention and he is tootally focused on you.
4. Observe if he has suddenly taken more interest in your friends.
  • Ok, one day you are out having a drink with your friends and suddenly the class geek strolls by and you hide your face in shame because it was rumored that he has a hopeless crush on you... but he casually says "HI" to your friends and stops to have small chat with them. Now you are like "Huh? How does he know my friends?" while they are in front of you talking like ol' buddies. That shows that he has actually taken the effort to approach you by hitting on your friends first...
5. Pay attention to any significant changes in his behavior towards you recently.
  • One Minute you guys are talking and as the years (or months) go by and you both talk less and less that you even forgot each other's names. When he talks to you he is sometimes shy or sometimes very animated and when you call him on his mobile he takes FOREVER to pick up and then he takes even LONGER to ANSWER THE PHONE. (he was probably sooo excited by your call that he dropped his phone down the drain). These changes are really important to notice and is very significant to notice either.

Well, here's some advice on how you can really make sure that he has a crush on you:
1. Start showing him a bit more interest and see how he responds.
  • Try to flirt with him and keep an eye out on whether he does respond.. if it is a yes... then he is SOO HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! But then if it is a No, then he is just playing around with you and he doesn't really crush on you.

2. Have a friend talk to him or one of his friends about you.
  • If he indeed does have a crush on you then he will most probably be all secretive about it and try desperately to change the topic. If he does talk about you soo openly then it was just your conscience playing with you and he really didn't have a hopeless crush on you... (Phew!)
3. Ask, '[name], are you interested in me?'
  • Or... you can do the brave, unthinkable, mighty witted act and... (DRUM ROLLS please...) ...TADA!- Approach him yourself. If he runs away catch him by the collar and beat him up until he confesses his TRUE LOVE for you...NAH... just kidding (but you can try!). Rarely, (i really mean rarely) when you confront the serial crusher himself he would not confess his true feelings for you at all. So try asking the question Tactfully...yeeeaaaahhhhh......and see the results for yourself.
Tips: Hopefully you will not have to use steps 7 or 8, but if you're having difficulty reading him, these steps are your last resort! Remember, this is not an exact science, and it may take a few mistakes to perfect your technique. Oh and if these steps do fail... then buy this book titled "He's just Not that into you".

Thursday, May 8, 2008

John Cena- The greatest wrestler of all time

John Cena is a Wrestler. He is my Favorite wrestler. He is nice although when he gets into the
ring he is all different and all that but he is a good guy and i know that. I first watched wrestling
when i was like 9 or something and then came John Cena and then he was my favorite
wrestler.... Gosh! I was sooo obsessed with him then that everytime i saw him or his pictures i
would pay veerryy close attention to him and him only... I mean i even dreamed of Marrying
him then!

Well what can you expect from a daydreaming 9 year old like i was before? I even planned our
"wedding" and all "our" guests were Mr Teddy Teddy, Rabbitty rabbit and Snakey Snakums. Boy
was i Insane. But now that i grew up i learned that he is someone that i will meet in a later life
and not now but.... who knows?
Well just so you guys can identify with him and all that i have put a video for you guys that
shows his entrance song and his motto?: "WORD" and "YOU CANT SEE ME" and