Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cliques Declassified in UIA

Hello. Today's topic is more inclined towards the newbies or whoever in UIA wants to be aware of these people). Today I will tell you, or rather warn you about the cliques or rat packs that are very common in UIA and always travel together- NO MATTER WHAT. Some are popular and some are unpopular, some came from the generous side of the gene pool and some came from the deep end and are still dripping wet. The only warning i have for you is to watch out for them and never ever cross their paths- even if your life depended on it.

Firstly we have....

Beware! The owners of tinkling and annoyingly tiny laughter that echoes through their whole clique and resounds several times in your head. They are always traveling in HUGE packs and are always on the lookout for innocent victims to gossip about and to inflict their annoying laughter at those innocent enough to be their prey. GMG stands for Giggling M**** Girls.

Appearance: Always wear the pinkest and most girliest baju kurungs ever and they always carry the pinkest and most tiniest bags. And they always smile really wide.

What Not to do around them: Gossip. Never. Ever. That gossip will get you back someday- real BAD!!! But whenever you wnat to spread lies then ask a GMG to do it for you.

How their conversations usually go: "Hi...Hi, [insert name here]...hi[insert the same name here], hi, hi ,hi, hi [insert name for the third time here]..."

Next are...

Rich, Socialites and Avid Shopaholics- who wouldn't wanna join the Benilites? Perfect lives they lead, don't they? I mean, They are rich, smart, skinny or slim, fashionistas (they just gotta have the latest in everything!), attractive, usually get the eye of all the cuties around and they live next door. I dont think that they are such monsters- only if you dnt know them- if you know them then they are cool with you.
Appearance: They are usually skinny or voluptuous and some even carry a LeSportsac Bag!!! They are quite plain sometimes(and sometimes its hard to tell whether they are Benilites or others...) They dont wear heavy makeup lie the GMGs and they do gossip but in private. They always squat in each other's rooms and never associate with people that they dont know. they shop almost every weekend and they never eat amountuously. Some f them even sleep 24/7 and they are from the course called BEN. They are usually girls.

What NOt to do around them: Never ever criticize their opinions or the guys that they think is cute! Trust me i have faced the consequence of that already [ At that time they were lamenting on whether R** was cute or not and it was really sickening the way that they were fantasizing about him. And when one of them squealed "R** is like really cute!" i piped up and said "Ew...!!! He is so NOT!!". Bad move. They all glared at me like i was a terrorist and i shut up] When you meet them its best NOT to wave at them- they might not wave back at you or even acknowledge you- just smile. Really.

How their conversations usually go: "I wanted to be a dentist at first but then i dont like al the saliva and all that..." [note: this is usually said in high and nasally fake- American accents.]

Next are the AV geeks,

They are the most dangerous species of clique. They always await in a corner so that they can attack the innocent with their knowledge of Quantum Physics or Mathematics or Computer Science, by forcing onto then the principles of the laws of motion and Algebra. The innocent will yell in pain as useful information absorb into their brain and stay there...FOREVER...

Pulled up pants (sometimes with braces), teeth braces, huge smiles, tucked in and highly raised pants up to their chest, buck teeth, know what? Just look at the guy on the photo, ok?

What NOT to do around them: Never ever start conversation with: Politics, Science, your favorite book, what you think about things/people, American presidents, Physics, ANY subject at ALL.. no matter what it is... actually DO start any conversation with them.

How their conversation usually go: "Today, i reached level 45 in DOTA..."

Next up...

Posh, sons of Rich Politician/Diplomat/ Datuks, they strut around UIA and flaunt their hot bodies and muscular arms which emphasizes long hours at the gym and playing football. What else can i say...they are POYO meaning Showoffs and Very Very Vain!.

Polo shirts, tight fitting pants, tight shirts, leather wallets, nice leather shoes, and basically....they are airheads when it comes to academics.

What NOT to do around them: Never ever compliment them on their pysique or body or whatsoever. They will feel too lightheaded and that they are at the top of the world... And dont try to ask them question related to academics. Why? Because they cant come up with any answer for it at all!!

How their conversations usually go: "Ah...Uh..uh...duh..."
coming up next...

They are super religious, cover their aurat properly and never ever swear (except for Holly** who is not in the club at all...), never go out to dinner, are never rebelious, never gossip or utter a single word about anyone, soft hearted and really nice (except for a crazy one named D.)

The simple thing would be to look at the picture...duh!

What NOt to do around them: Swear, gossip, say rude things or even joke!(you see the TLC have different way of joking and i assure you that it is not the slap in the back kind joke at all... its the humorless kind of jokes that you laugh at just out of politeness.)

How their conversations usually go: "Our Muslim society nowadays are dwindling......Islamic politics.....blah, blah, blah..."

And lastly we have...

WARNING: They may blind you or paralyse you with the intense glare of their genetically unattractive faces and thier physically big/skinny bodies. The are always so messy and so unkempt and they dont care to maintain their appearance at all! They are tha Jocks/POYOs worst enemies.

Messy, gritty, bad, dandruff smeared hair, yucky faces littered with a heavy dusting of pimples and acne. need i tortue you with the yucky details of them anymore?

What NOT to do around them: Note: Dont even BE near them.

How their conversations usually go: "I never washed my hair for three days lats week and i still didnt..." (EW much!!)

Well my faithful readers those are the traits and the characteristics of the cliques that are soo normally found loitering around my university campus.... Oh, sure you CAN make friends with them.....At YOUR OWN RISK.

U know u Love, LOVE, LoVe, me..

Monday, June 23, 2008

I am Stubborn, Part 1: The Changing of Beds

Hi. Todays blog post is all about stubborn roomies who don't really wanna listen to their own rules (or even others). Well, in my dorm there are two of them- Amelia** and Sarah**. They are very very good friends...don't get me wrong, its just that they are stubborn!! You are probably wondering why i am saying this without any proof at all well guess what? I HAVE PROOF OF THIS according to these cases:

CASE #1:The Changing of beds
Ok, we just came back from Holidays (yea, that same holiday where FBB approached me) and before the holidays we all agreed between us ["Us" here refers to- Amelia**, Sarah**, Andrea**, Omaira**, Francesca**, me, Holly**, Angy** and Jessie**] that we would reserve new beds for next sem because we are like on the top bunk of the bed and its very very strenuous to climb all the way there just to sleep or to rest (except for Andrea** who is comfortable where she was...) .

Great idea right and rightfully when someone reserves their place by putting their things there then they own that place right? But not according to Amelia**. Amelia wanted this Malay Girl under her before(lets call her Adi**)'s bed but Adi** (smart girl) didnt move her stuff and so that bed was still hers. And so Amelia** had no choice but to change beds...she spotted a bed in the corner and then selected that bed (but the thing is that the corner is dark and creepy and you dont get any fan at all!) and then she and Sarah** came up with this brilliant- albeit really stupid idea- of moving that bed in between Omaira**/ Serena** and Holly**/Alma**'s bed. Smart, innit?


So they moved that bed in between Omaira's** bed and then- surprise, surprise!- there was no space at all for the upper bunkers to climb...Gosh! Smart, huh? and then teh other roomies started to trail in and the first one to come was Madeline** (whom Sarah took the bed from). Her eyes were wide with shock at this new change and then S explained the situation and M went to her mother who called S "gila" [Crazy in English] and went off in a huff.

Our other roomie was more understanding- Aly** and she just accepted the whole situation calmly. Thena day after that whole fiasco, Amelia** had the nerve to actually ask for Adi's** bed and to exchange with her! Yeesh, these peope!! So poor Adi, she had to change beds outta niceness and so these are the new arrangements of the beds...

Desiree**/new student...Jessie**/new student...Angy**/new student... Sarah**/Alana**... [currently] Amelia**/Madeline**... Francesca**/Marie**..., and then on the left side, Omaira**/Aly**...Adi**/Serena**..Holly**/Alma**..and me/Andrea**...

Crappy Arrange ment much? Solmnly agreed upon!

Await episode two of I Am Stubborn: The Desk-Snatcher a.k.a Why Study Late?

U know u Love, LoVe, LOVE me....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Outta My Head a.k.a Lecturers- Season I:Prologue

Well, hello my faithful readers...I am back...and i have a lot to tell you today, there are a lot of random things going on in my head and all i want now is for them to get outta my head!!! ARGH!!! Things are like literally spinning in my head right now... well those things have better get outta my head or i might become really cranky!!!

Haha... lemme get to the topic of my lecturers, ahem! my new lecturers.. they really are a variety of people really! Okay, this sem I am taking six subjects, so that means that I have six lecturers in that package.
Communication Lecturer: His name is Sir Isaac** and he is a damn right flirt!! Whenever he talks to you he will wink at you, or give you this boyish smile and (get this straight) flirt with you! I mean Gosh! It would be okay if he was a teeny bit more younger, but the fact that he is extremely OLD and physically bent out of shape fails to make it OK for him to flirt/wink/smile boyishly at us girls. And thats what he does for the the boys, he tells them how handsome they are (especially FBB and R**) and he keeps linking FBB to me albeit pointing me to FBB!! E.g.

"Oh, look at you brother (meaning FBB) handsome and strong! Maybe Sister [insert my name here] will like to date you or for you to be her girlfriend...nanti bolehlah keluar dating pula!"
Oh my god! He has caused me tremendous discomfort in his class but the con about him is that he is tremendously funny! Whenever he says something he will always be acting it out or will say it with some weird facial expression!!! Funny old Jacker! He is like any other 60-something year old that you can see roaming around, grey slacks, blue shirts and all- except his blue shirt has a PLAYBOY logo on it!!! How absurd is that for an Old man!

Anyway that explains a LOT about his rambunctuous and flirtatious behaviour!

[And because of this i wouldn't be surprised if he showed up in class one day and announced that he has a crush on one of the guys in our class- it could be R**, FBB, Eli**(a.k.a sleepy Eyed), emo hair (i dunno that guy's name), or even Sandler**(a.k.a gay like guy)]

Basic research methods and Report writing lecturer: Her name is Madam Delilah** and when she teaches us she looks really bored- like she really doesn't wanna be there but she is beacause she is being paid to do so. Trust me, i'm not saying that she's a bithchous hag who's thinks we bore her to death but she's gotta be more animated when teaching us. She teaches us in this really long and drawling voice like those bored junkies in the streets of KL who beg for weed-cash, e.g:

"Today we will study about the principles of reasearching and report writing, ok? And also we will learn to investigate...[blah,blah,blah]..."
Boring, innit? She wears the national Malaysian clothes and these ginormous spectacles that resemble magnifying glasses (only they dont nagnify her eyes-thank God! or she would look like an Owl!) and basically she's cool but i would enjoy her class better if only she was more animated...

Critical and Creative thinking Lecturer: She doesnt like the world (like me!), she's sarcastic (like me!) and SHE'S AWESOME!!!! I LIIIKE HER!!!! hse exudes witty humor and flat sarcasm which is like, sooo awesome and totally cool...she sounds intimidatinmg at first but- she rocks. Her English is lined with the air of British-ity and it sounds really upperclass- like Gregorian or something but etched with the right touch/hint of slang. Here's how she introduces herself:

"My name is Amber** and i am 34 years there are a lot of things that i like and dont like in this world...actually i dont like most things...i dont speak to you outside of class and you dont speak to me as well, i wont answer any of your calls...though you can SMS me but dont expect me to reply to it...i am expecting to have a baby soon and if u push my wrong buttons then i will be forced to unleash my dark side... and its NOT pretty...what do i like? hm... i used to like shoes but since i came here...i dont..."
She is really small...and she's perky and she actually looks good....for a 34year old of course....yyeeaahhh... if only she and i could join forces and force our sarcasm and evil onto the world- WORLD DOMINATION!!!

History Lecturer: He's Boring. His name is Sir Adam** and we had him ever since last sem for Sociology and Anthropology. And lemme tell you something... he is the best Fumbler in the world! I dont know whether he loves to fumble or whether its his habit or something... or maybe he's just very nervous with himself because somebody is there... ok lemme tell you the love story of a lecturer and his student...

Once Upon a time, there was an innocent student named Andrea**(she's also my roomie) and she had a mad crush on Sir adam (innit perfect? A and A ...awww...) [dont worry i will tell you more of their love story on my next blog titled "Weird love (orsomething like it?): the series"] and so he's always nervous whenever he's with her or when she's present...and so he has a crush on her (maybe love?) I mean Gosh! i even have proof of his undying love for her! During one class he actually said this to her:

" Andrea**..." ( romantic!)

Anyway, lets just hope that she can learn to love him just like he loves her too... Sir Adam** also likes to say a load of bullshit that is tootally not related to the subject being discussed- and he loves to say Uber lame stuff that he ripped from TV series and Movies...e.g:

"The truth ...[epic pause] out there..." (he says this while looking at Andrea**)[Ripped from The X-files]

Sir Adam** really needs intense counselling. Period.

Political Science Lecturer: Actually I have never started class with him so far... but i have a hunch that its our former Contemporary Issues teacher...and that is Sir Mason**! The best, coolest, awesome, most intelligent and super teacher in the whole world!!! So, far in this Uni, i think that he is the best teacher ever! His teaching skills are really effective and i respect him a lot. He is chubby (in a cute way of course!), he has a thin beard and a thin moustache and he rocks my world!!!

I am always eager to go to his classes because they rae really interesting and you can actually laugh at them heartily and not as if you are being forced to do so! All my respect to you sir Mason**!

FIM Lecturer: I rarely know her, just that her name is Madam Alexis** and that she is looks like a nice woman. (nice, kind brown eyes, nice smile and a soft voice to close the package.) well i dunno- she might turn out to be a bitchous hag or she might turn out to be an evangelic human being...we'll wait and see...

And those are the lecturers that we have for this semester. And of course there are those that you see 24/7 and dont really acknowledge their existance, like:
Madam Hania**: She is the coolest teacher ever! She's plump and really cute! her favorite quote is "...oh...let me catch my breath...." Haha! Thats a knockout line!! She's like really nice and she loves to joke with the other lecturers. [Incident 101: Mdm. Hania** was telling a joke and she was laughing and she turned to Brother Alex** in a backslapping gesture and (poor thing!) was greeted with a really hostile look form him...and did that stop her from laughing? No way Jose! it didnt, and she continued to laugh, as always!]

Brother Alex**: A sexual pervert who keeps glancing at other students(especially girls) and greeting them with hostile glances. And although certain people say that he is like, really nice, he's not! People!Open your eyes and realise that his British accent, charming looks, and hearty smile are all an act! For more Information on his inhumanityness refer to incident 101.

Sir Mohinder**: The strictest, most scary human being on campus...i dread the day i actually have to talk to him... he has this signature walk that is really brisk and he also never smiles at you at all!!!

Geezer much?

Hah! that all on my lectureres here and i hope that i have entertained u and not bored you with the petty details of my lecturers...

haha...U know u love, LOVE, LoVe me...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eja me Cieres...? (Does he Fancy me?)- Part II

Well, remember about part one in my series of unfortunate events...? Well, this is Part Two of it...and this is how the story goes...

After my Emceeing i went to the back of the stage and received high praises form the others mainly Nate** and my Daddy 3**. As i was hanging out with the other comittee members, FBB comes real close to me (like our faces were and inch apart) and he stares at me, this boyish smile playing around his lips. I stared at him real strange and he came even closer (at that moment, if it was a v.v. romantic movie, then we would have kissed) and indicated his eyebrows to me. I was really surprised at this sudden gesture and then he said, "Look, they are soo real! I can even bring a magnifying glass and show you the tiny hairs on them!" Man at that point i thought that he was getting quite desperate to show me that his eyebrows were real. And so we talked for like 2 hours and he told me lots on himself and his family and Gosh! did we have a LOT in common: His mom looves Indonesian films and so does his sister... same with me, He thinks that Indonesian Films are Crap... and so do I...

And all through our conversation he kept insisting that his eyebrows are real in many different versions:
"My eyebrows are real i swear!" and,
"I can bring a magnifyer so that you can see the little hairs" and,
"I dont pluck because it is Haram to do that!" and even,
"My eyebrows are NOT fake."

And also he kept repeatedly complimenting me on my really glossy lips:
"Your lips are sooo like Angelna Jolie," and,
"I dont like the thin Asian lips, but i like lips like yours because they are big and nice," and,
"Your lips are sooo kissable and very sexy!"


Then after that night he constantly SMS's me, Miscalls me, calls me "Princess" or "Angelina Jolie" And we are practically friends now. I mean, what creeped me out was the fact that he ACTUALLY changed his group so that we could be in the same group for our Courses...strange huh?

Dont get me wrong, i'm not saying that its a BAD thing, its actually nice to know that some one is actually thinking about you everyday...innit? I was really flattered that a guy like FBB approached me in the first place. I mean, yes i have seen him around but i never actually approached him in fear that he was vain and wouldnt wanna talk to a girl like me... But then the fact that HE approached ME kinda changed all my negative views about him in all aspects. FBB is not like any of those sleepy-eyed, bad-breathed, snot-nosed, pockfaced Malays that you constantly have to bear the image of everyday- He is different. Different in the way that he is handsome, if not very handsome (for a Malay guy) and he has a perfect-all-American-winning-white-smile teeth that are soo straight and not a canine or molar is out of place, his face is clear (for a guy), his lips are just moderate, his eyebrows are every girl's fantasy, and his eyes are very very piercing.
Sounds like every girl's dream guy innit? Well, i'm not sure if he is MY dream guy... but who knows maybe in the future, if he finds some way to win my heart in a HUGE way then i might actually consider him more than just a friend...
...but who knows...i'm just saying it and it doesnt mean that i mean it...
U know u love, LOVE, LoVe me...

P:S: Feel Free to Check Out my other Blog on my page titled "My College Survival guide"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eja me Cieres...? (Does he Fancy me?)

Hello readers, todays topic is crushes. I am sure that all of you out there definitely HAVE crushes... yeah you do...don't lie... I know...

Just in Case my readers are young and haven't experienced the bounties and the feelings of seeing your crush at school...then listen to this, straight from my Ergonomic Dictionary of Love Defs.

[Crush,n,sing: a feeling of likeness that you have towards that special someone]

And so I have a little story of my own that i will indeed tell you all, and mind you it has happened to me very recently...

It all started at the Ta'aruf week...

You see i was the Emcee for the Ta'aruf week for specific events... now come to think of it i HATED it at first but then things got a little more interesting than expected... And so on one of the nights when i was indeed hosting for Ta'aruf... a boy (lets call him FBB here and don't bother asking me what it stands for cos i wont tell you!) ...FBB came up to me and then he asked...

"What's that all over your lips?" [dumb much!] and i looked at him as if he was something that was crushed by my shoe and is all squishy and gross. Was he kidding me? Doesn't he know what LIPGLOSS is? How can he LIVE???

[NOTE: Every human being regardless of gender, age or maturity MUST know what LIPGLOSS is or they will be seriously punished by the HIGH court of Fashion and Accessories]

And so i gave him a wry smile and told him that "It is some thing that girls wear and it is called Lipgloss"(of course i said it defiantly!) and then i was shimmied off by the committee to do my stuff which was the basic thing... But a i took a break while the speakers were talking...A girl named Katherine** sat next to me and i let out a huge sigh which she didn't notice. Why did i let out that VERY huge sigh?- Because Katherine** is the most annoying student on to my roommate Desiree** ; BECAUSE SHE JUST WONT LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! I try to get rid of her but then she comes back like an annoying mosquito (i really don't mean to be rude or insulting or even mean, but it cant be helped!).

And so Katherine** leisurely takes a seat next to me and grills me about my emceeing as if it was her mission in life to make mine miserable! I let my eyes stray for a moment and then they rested on FBB who was sitting across me and was Chace-Crawford-a.k.a-Nate-ly staring intensely at me... i felt really uncomfortable at that. i asked Katherine** why he was staring and she actually said, "MAybe he likes you!" and crazily laughed after that. I just stared at her unfeelingly and resumed my staring at my surroundings. Her phone beeped and She laughed to herslef i got annoyed and asked hwat it was that she was laughing about and it turns out that, she was texting FBB!!!!

I did a double take and then i told her to sms this to him, courtesy of me:





And Damn i gotta emcee right then and so i couldn't reply...

So I...

And then I...

Do you really wanna know what happened between me and FBB? haha that is another story to tell... Wait for part II in Eja me Cieres?

U know u Love me,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pulling my strings...

Today was an effing boring day!! Right now i am in the library which is swarmed by weird new students and insect-like children in between watching Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back- the movie which is effing awesome... i mean Gosh!!! how boring can my day get?!? I have to attend and also Emcee the Ta'aruf crap awards or shit like that which is really pulling my wires right now because I am like soo fucking nervous for the fact that i have to like stand in front of a crowd of 15 million (or so) students and effing "hear" their creepy thoughts...

Man am I in an effed up situation... And there is this man who is like staring at my computer and like trying to effing investigate what i am up to... as if i am effing watching porn or crap like that! And so i am like inadvertently expecting new students to come (international mind you) and all I get is a bunch of Freaking M****s that we see everyday anyway...i mean BRING ON THE NEWBIES effers!!!

Please excuse my swearing...why? because i just feel like it today... maybe its the Jay and silent Bob movie affecting me....bajabers! Last night I SMS'd a guy (he's an emcee mate of mine) lets call him Pockface, why? cos his face is soo full of pockmarks!! EW! Though Omaira** keeps insisting that he is such a cutie when really he's NOT! Whats going through my head right now? Random things and mixed up words like emo/fuck/shit/dick/esheslotten/jack/Chris...etc. i dunno why they rumble through my head like that...

Oh! and one of my friends...u needn't know who...has a crush on my VERY TALL friend named Turkey** and she keeps denying it... how do i know that she crushes him? Because she constantly talks about him....word!

We are currently in Holidays and its soooo boooriiinggg.... wanna know how my holidays went? here's how...

On the first day of holidays we traveled to the exotic (pfffttt), aromatic (gag) and serene (i got that right!) area or rather university called UIA Gombak... I went with Omaira** as we had nothing to do the whole time, so we decided to visit Gombak... but we never knew what was in store for us there...

We took the UIA Nilai bus and traveled until we reached Universiti Station. There we bought train tickets- one way- to Terminal Putra, which is the last station on the list of stations( it was insanely uncomfortable in the train because there was this uber gross, ugly, old, and physically BIG man behind me and he kept pressing his ginormous stomach onto my back which was like tootally EWW!!), and from there we took the Putra Bus (which cost RM1 for a whole day trip- awesome aiite?) and it took us all the way to Gombak! well that was the high point of our day... I got to know this wonderful girl named Haley** who was Omaira's** country mate. She's really nice to me although I barely exchanged more than two words with her...oh well...

The next day we decided to go to Amelia's house to cop a swim to refresh ourselves. But how did we get there? I Wonder...

We first took the Putra Bus from UIA Gombak to the LRT station... from there we took the LRT to Masjid Jamek. If you think thats is bad, OH MY GOD!!! We had to put up with Butt Clenching, Ass grabbing, Odor reeking adults with their imperviously active and annoying kids who kept effing grabbing people's behinds thinking it was a very good idea to do that in the first place... yeesh! And as if that wasn't bad enough- there was a guy who was standing in fornt of us and HIS BUTT WONT BE STILL!! It keeps jiggling here and there and all that as if he had a needle shoved up his arse!

Anyway, from Masjid Jamek we took the STAR LRT to PWTC and and then from there we went to Amelia's** house, and guess what? R** lives in near her place...creepy much? We waited for our Jene to come down and welcome us (there was a dire need for swipe cards at this point so we couldn't enter). We waited in Berkeley Park and in the end nearly wanted to go to her house when we spotted her downstairs all singlet clad, stomach exposed and very short shorts. WOW! I was quite surprised at first because i didn't think that she would actually go out dressed like that, and baffle me bajabers but she damn well heckin proved me wrong!

We waved her over and she entered the building and asked us what we were doing there. O and i looked at each other and told her that we came to see her (duh!). She smiled her sweet smile and told us that she lived in Westminster Park, NOT Berkeley Park. We smiled sheepishly and laughed at our own silliness and followed her to her place and she welcomed us in..

"My brother and Jene are not home, so i am all alone," she declared to us. And then she told us to surf the net on her brother's computer and that we would go swimming later cos when we arrived she was cleaning the house (very thoroughly mind you!)

[This is the intermission where i tell you something about Amelia** - she's a clean freek! She cannot live in a dirty place unless sit is very thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant and anti- bacterial liquid! She should join those TV Clean freeks in that show How Clean are You? thats on every Friday at Ten pm.]

Then we went swimming later and boy was it refreshing! We took some piccies, splashed water on each other, tried to drown one another in between my futile attempts at trying to swim (that was embarrassing because there were a couple of eight year olds there that were swimming like pros while I was swimming like an impaired fish) Towards the end we noticed a couple of Perverted looking Indian/ Pakistani guys leisurely looking at us in our bras and shortie shorts as if it was some effing free show! We began to feel really uncomfortable undre their( there were more than five of themm- TEN i think!) piercing stares that we stopped swimming and left.

The rest of the day was spent at the Mall (yea, thats right its called THE MALL- ironic right?) eating McD and just loitering around. then we went back to Gombak eager for tomorrow cos we were planning on circling Gombvak and hoarding it for hot senior guys (Mmm...) , but that sam enight we received and SMS form the Ta'aruf committee that we had to go there the next morning ASAP for a meeting. FUCK! What the eff they think they are?

We Grumpily went ther and that is how i ended up in Nilai... and we are sad cos we were planning to go to Angela's**( our roomie) house for another refreshing swim but obviously that turned out to be deep shit! Damn those Ta'aruf Junkies!!!

U know u love love LOVE me,