Sunday, August 24, 2014

Best. Date. Ever.

Hi my fellow, beautiful, amazing, fantastic readers! Yes, indeed I am in a great mood today due to the beautiful events that occurred to me earlier today. So remember that Scottish guy that I met on Tinder who I briefly mentioned in the previous post? Well for those of you who missed it, I met this amazing guy on Tinder two months ago and we have gone on two dates prior to the recent one yesterday. 

Yesterday/This morning's date was literally the best date I have ever been on in my entire, sad and almost non existent dating life. It was almost magical and definitely unforgettable. He was very kind, nice, funny and very, very good company. We started off the night with going to a very famous Skybar in the city center and despite not finding seats and finally moving onto another bar, he was happy that I took him there and showed him the place. We moved to a different rooftop bar/restaurant and sat down for drinks when we were interrupted by someone who couldn't take a hint that we were on a date. The guy overstayed his welcome until we left him to a group of other people and then moved on with the date.

We then moved to another bar and had a few drinks there (non-alcoholic for me), danced the night away  until we took a break and stood outside. We talked for a bit until I caught him staring at me. Helped by my 4.5 inch wedge heels, I was standing almost level with him (he's 6ft 3inches and I am only 5ft 6inches) so when he moved closer to me there wasn't any hassle about craning my neck. He looked into my eyes and then leaned down to plant a kiss on my lips. Finally! I wanted him to kiss me when we went on our second date but I guess he was too nervous and had too much respect for me to do it. The kiss was so good. It lasted a while before he pulled away, stroked my face and kissed me again. 

Basically when we got the chance to be close, he would kiss me as much as he could. At one point he moved from my lips to kissing my neck and lightly massaging it. The one thing I noticed about him while we were kissing is that his hands always stayed on my face and never ventured to explore my body like most guys' hands usually do. He was always caressing my face and stroking my cheekbones and the closest he ever got to my body was placing his hands on my waist. I liked this very much because it showed that he wasn't trying to rush into getting a good f**k out of me. The night ended with another kiss and I went home smiling wider than the Cheshire cat. 

To be honest, I secretly have high hopes for this thing to work out but at the same time I don't want it to proceed in case it goes jarringly wrong and I have to go all emo again and swear off guys. I mean, I'll never ever tell him this but I really like him. So much. I don't want to like him so I can protect myself from being hurt but I can't help it at all. It's something I can't avoid. 

Hopefully, more will happen after the pending fourth date and hopefully I can finally get closure in the whole sad, 23 year old-single-woman thing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Magical World of Tinder

Hi there blogiverse and my darling readers and critics as well! I know that it's been forever since I've updated this blog but I have a very justified reason for that. I have been very busy trying to normalize my work hours which have been very crazy! Suffice to say that I have even started working on the weekends too! I guess I'll be going through this up until the end of this year. Now, for those of you who are frequent readers of my blog and most of the posts here, you would know that I have been dropping in and out of the dating game.
Seeing as I'm a human being with working limbs and the flawed tendency to get sucked into social media trends, I've admittedly employed the help of popular mobile dating apps such as OKCupid, Badoo and Tinder. Badoo is full of stalkers and weird people (at least where I live) and OkCupid is lame and boring (though I did meet someone who turned out to be a very good friend now). I believe you're all familiar with this fancy schmancy little mobile app called Tinder . Tinder is originally a hook-up mobile app used by single people (and on the rare occasion- married people who are 'looking for a good time' or just can't stand each other) who crave sex/some fun while in town or something short term. Tinder can also be used to find like minded spirits with whom you can share a coffee with.To be honest, I have found close friends on this app plus I have gone on some pretty awesome dates.

Before I explain to you the pros and cons of using Tinder, I'd like to explain to you how this app works. In order to have a Tinder account, you must have a Facebook account because it uses all your information from there and photos to create a profile for you. I have tried to find a way to create a standalone profile but haven't found it. For those who are worried that Tinder might post something that would show your friends that you *ahem* use this app, worry not. Tinder does NOT post anything to your wall- ever! After everything has been created and photos set, then it will scan around your location for people who might interest you and all you have to do is swipe left to reject them and swipe right to accept them and start chatting. The good thing about Tinder is that you only chat with those who you have swiped right (and if they like you too and you both match).

Phew. Now that we have gotten that out of the way let's proceed to some pros and cons that I faced while using Tinder. One of the pros of using Tinder is that I am in control. I choose who I want to speak to and I decide who I want to meet with. It's not like OkCupid or any other site whereby any random sicko can send me a disturbing message without bounds until I had to block them . Another good thing about Tinder is that it's so easy to use! It's just a matter of swiping right or left. But the disadvantage in this is that there are times in which I found myself on a "No" streak and kept swiping left until I accidentally swiped a hot guy left. That is the most frustrating thing that can ever happen to you on Tinder: swiping an interesting person left instead of right and never getting a second chance to undo the mistake.

Another frustrating thing about Tinder is that most of the people who use it in my part of the world are tourists and they barely stay in one place. Which is why they are more likely to F**k then hang out. The response rate on Tinder can be pretty bad but the redeeming feature for that is the distance viewer. This way you can see how near or far this person is (and stalk them too). Overall, your experience on Tinder differs according to the people you meet there, but most of them are only looking to screw around. Finding love on tinder is like finding a needle in a tightly congested haystack the size of Africa! This is not to say that it is impossible, it is possible just the possibility isn't very high.

Personally I have met some great guys there of different varieties. Some were tall, some were short. Some were nice and some were rude. Some wanted to have sex at the end of the night and some were honored to just be in my company. Some wanted more than a kiss on the cheek and others were happy to get a hug. When I started using Tinder, I did it out of boredom. My intention was never to meet up with these guys or even speak to them. In fact, I only needed something to kill some time since 9Gag ceased to do that anymore. That quickly transpired into me chatting away with a couple of tourists and acting as a guide who told them where to go and how to make the most of their trip in the city.

The first person I met face to face after avoiding others was this guy from the Netherlands... who later turned out to want much more than friendship and kept bugging me about it until i had to delete him- with a very heavy heart as he was such a great guy. The next guy I met up with turned out to be a stalker and the rest after that were just not floating my boat at all. Coming up to my most recent Tinder date with this Scottish guy, it has been going well. This is one of those moments whereby I was happy I texted him first straight after we matched and relieved when he replied back.

As I am writing this sentence, he and I text almost everyday, share funny stories with each other and actually flirt here and there (and trust me, there has been a lot of flirting going on). We have already been on two dates and I foresee a few more into the future. Ever since we met, I have stopped using Tinder and really don't feel like getting back on that bandwagon anymore. I'd really like to see how this one ends up. Hopefully well.

So to those of you who'd like to try out this app, I say go ahead! It's worth the experience and it could well  help you find your Tinderfella/Tinderella. Good luck and have fun with the app!

**[DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way associated with Tinder or it's partner companies and is strictly written from a heterosexual woman’s perspective and experience while using this app. This is not a promotional post for Tinder unless stated otherwise.]